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Executive Board

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Ari - President

Hi, my name is Ari Bilewitz and I am so excited to be your USY President this year. I love being in USY and have been a part of USY for 4 years. I have been on board as Jr USY Rep, Machar Kadima VP, and Membership VP last year. I am 16 years old and I am in my junior year at Aliso Niguel High School. At my school, I am the Senior Director of Communications in my ASB and I am on the golf team. I love being a part of USY because I get to spend time with friends and have a fun way to be a part of my Jewish community. I love Star Wars and The Office. My favorite thing to do when I’m at home it to binge tv shows. When I graduate I want to become a film major. In my free time, I like to go over to my friend’s houses, go golfing and watch the 49ers on Sundays. USY has been my home away from home for so long and I am so excited to be on board in the 2023-2024 year.


Leah - Executive/Programming Vice President

Hello everyone! I am Leah and I am so beyond excited to be your Prog/Exec this year. When I’m not working on an amazing event, I’m probably riding horses or reading. I also love spending time with my siblings and thrifting with my friends. Let’s have a great year, USY!

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Aaron - Israeli Affairs Vice President

My name is Aaron and I am this year’s Israeli affairs VP. this is my second year as Israeli affairs and I am ready to share my love of Israel and plan fun and engaging events. 

Even though I have never been to Israel, I know a lot and I am always ready to learn more about the Jewish homeland   and teach others about the place I would want to travel most.  I think it is important to learn about our homeland and the people who live there I am ready for a wonderful year at USY!

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Lilly - Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice President

Hello! My name is Lilly Stroj and I am proud to be your Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice President this year! I am a sophomore at Aliso Niguel High School and I can’t wait to be apart of the USY board!
I am thrilled to meet new people and connect with old friends! 
Outside of USY I am very involved in my high school. This is my second year in color guard and I also design the sets for my high school theater program! 
Looking forward to an exciting year ahead!


Kayla - Religion/Education Vice President

Hi! My name is Kayla Jacobs and I am so excited to be your religious education vp for this upcoming year! I am a sophomore at Tesoro high school and I do mock trial, cheer, and model United Nations. I have two dogs and I love Harry Potter and most other fantasy/sci-fi books. I am so excited for this year and look forward to learning and teaching prayers and spending time  with all of you! I hope this year I am able to help everyone gain confidence and connection in their prayers. Many people struggle to find their personal meaning to prayer and as religious education vp I want to help everyone find the bast way for them to understand their meaning behind prayer. I also hope to teach people about the meaning behind religious holidays that we may not know too much about and what we do to observe those holy days.


Mia - Membership Vice President

Hi my name is Mia Feld and I am going to be your membership vice president for this USY year. I am super excited to welcome all of our new members as wells as continuing my friendships with existing ones. My goal for this year is to improve membership but more importantly bring people together. I am going to be a freshman this year and I am super excited to be at a new school beckman high school. I love cooking  and being very active in my Jewish community. I can’t wait for the fun of this years USY. 

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Ella - Kadima Vice President

Hi everyone, I'm Ella Rahamim and I’m your Machar Kadima VP for the 2023-2024 school year! I am going into my sophomore year at Tarbut V Torah! I’m thrilled to be on board and be able to plan new and exciting programs for the kids this year. In addition to USY, I enjoy swimming and am very involved with school by being grade representative. I enjoy going to the beach, baking and hanging out with friends in my spare time! I’m super excited to see what this upcoming USY year has in store. 


Frankie - Communications Vice President

Hi everyone, I’m Frankie Brown your Communications Vice President VP for the 2023-2024 school year! I am currently a Sophomore at Laguna Hills High School and am really looking forward to this upcoming year!

I'm super excited to participate in our new and traditional programming and get to know everyone on a better level than before! I also want to take amazing pictures and continue to keep our youtube and instagram active and fun!

Some things about me are, I play basketball at school and for fun, and like to draw realism in my free time. 

See you all soon! 

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Tamara - Jr. USY Representative

Hi, my name is Tamara Bilewitz and I am the JR. USY REP for the 2023-2024 school year. I am an 8th grader at DJAMS. This is my first year on the USY board and I am thrilled to be on it.
I am so excited to introduce new programs to our new 7th-grade USYers. I want to have a positive impact on their experiences in USY. I can't wait to get them involved and as excited about USY like I am. Some things about me are I am  involved with my school ASB and I like to paint!

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